A Legacy

Dinner-Plate_100x101When my grandmother sold her home, she decided to pass much of the things she had collected over the years to family and friends. Having a smaller home, I put most of what I received in cupboards and boxes in the attic. My wife and I bought a house in Georgia, and during the move she caught sight of a stack of plates and saucers that had belonged to my grandmother’s mother. They bore scenes from castles all over Great Britain, and she really loved the beautiful lavender color. Our passion for collecting Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles was born.

We have collected OBC (Old Britain Castles) together for almost a decade now. It has provided Christmas and birthday surprises, friendly marital competitions, and many hours of enjoyment. Our OBC does not sit in a glass case, our family eats on it every day. Please enjoy our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Happy collecting!